BOAT theatre

We bought a Constructam, built in 1971. Drove home, pushed it into the garden, made coffee, opened the door of our new white gain and went inside. And guess what..., the caravan fell over. We had forgotten something.
On a P alongside the motorway. Two couples get out of a car with caravan, built in 2000. They pull out the points of support and go inside the caravan. Come out with a tablecloth, coffee-pot and a small ball of cheese. The cloth is draped over the wooden table at the parking. The food on top of it.
They eat.
The crumbs are collected and the rest put back in the caravan. The points of support are pulled in. And the car with the mobile home continues its way. These people control their lives. What's the importance ?
Sound, images and theatre are combined in the performance of these Dutch people. Two years ago they allready made '(T)HUIS', which changed the view on domestic happiness. Now they found eachother again in a project in which nothing is what it looks like.

"Marsel Pott is a director of images, Gerrie Fiers is a director of people In the year 1998, of our graduation, we made our first play together. Our goal was to make something in which the image is as important as the actors. The result of our search was called (T)HUIS. (T)HUIS was according to the audience overwhelming and something completly different. We had some special chemical reaction, so after doing some projects on our own we decided to try it again this year. It's called 'BOAT'. Just like in the other one, the two disciplins are unbreakely bound and together they are telling a story about the power of the media, about having controll or losing it. How manipulated is reality?"

directors: Marsel Pott and Gerrie Fiers
acting: Ellen Dikker, Hans Maas
also with: Heidi Pott and Joep Smeets
tel: +31-40-2137090

Report and pictures of their performance in club Baratuna



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