Mark Dijkstra

performance installation 'Change Passage Part 703'
In the space a square is built in which 53 white chickens will be staying during the performance. The square is so small that the animals are hardly able to walk. The performance starts in the dark. Spectators are coming in and they only hear the sound of the animals. When everybody is inside. The sound starts to play softly till a certain level. After that there will be a video projection on the moving chickens. After several minutes the chickens will be released one by one. The performance ends, when all the animals are free and there is no image of the video visible.

"I work as an visual artist in the following disciplines: video, installation and performance. The main theme in my work, is the way we are able to perceive our environment and the time we need to interpret the perceived environment. Most of the time I work together with artists from another discipline. For instance: designers, architects, actors, dancers and musicians. I like to investigate all the boundaries of the area I am working in. Art is a philosophical way of thinking."

Look at a report of his performance at REX

Mark Dijkstra

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Mark Dijkstra
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