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Nanda Smits & Gert 27 & Christel Kanbier & Marijke Spekman

Nanda Smits: "I like to do new things everytime, just as well as I am interested in new changes that I see in my environment: media, technics & common goods. But I like to bend these (in ideas and material) to see my point of view better or in a different way."

Look at her work made in Belgrade
Nanda Smits:

Gert 27: "The personal subjective is universal" ,that means that everything I create becomes universal in a sense that everyone who experiences my work understands it in their own way. I often use material that already have a purpose, I change that by giving it a new meaning and a new form.
Look at two pics of Gert27 at Barutana
Gert 27:

Christel Kanbier: ...

Marijke Spekman ("Utopia")
She abuses commercial marks as part of her art-pieces. "The mark of products are the symbols of the westernworld. The registrated name is not to be read in normal language, but the consumer will know the contance by hart. Uncle Ben's mark is not an uncle but a product with quick boiled rice and Lion's mark is not a wild animal but a candy bar. The commercial world is a world between reality and dreams, between constance and form, between the one who will make the money and the ones who spend the money, so they will buy dreams, made up by somebody else."

A few pictures as she is preparing the exhibition
Marijke Spekman: +31-40-2575997

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