Mario van Horrik & Petra Dubach

soundsculpture installation 'Interference'

The starting point of their artistic work is the notion, that movement and sound are identical. Without movement (vibration) nothing can be heard. In the space two metal plates (size 12 meters, 0.8mm thick), hanging from the ceiling on amplified strings. The amplifiers are placed against the plates, with the volume turned up to the point that the plates produce feedback-sounds in rich layers of over- and undertones. The movements of the plates themselves cause changes in the soundtextures, as well as the movements of people who are in the space. Mario van Horrik and Petra Dubach are working together as an artistic duo since 1994. Their 'notion' idea is worked out by them in every thinkable form: installations, works in progress on location, performances, concerts, etc.

Because of the temporary character of the media 'sound and movement', their works up to now, have always been presented during a limited period of time. Besides using the media 'movement, sound and image', new media technology are used and often realized especially for their projects. In the course of the years they have presented their works in numerous places all over the world.

Look at a report of their performance at REX

Mario van Horrik & Petra Dubach
Bennekelstraat 133
5654 DD, Eindhoven NL
tel/fax: +31-40-2522356

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