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The Hats Theatre presents:


Author: Ljudmila Stratimirovic
Members: Zoja Borovcanin, Tatjana Prokic, Zorana Mincic
Music: Nemanja Acimovic, Dejan Utvar, Vladimir Djordjevic
Light and photography: Aleksandra Stratimirovic

The Hat Theatre is an independent theatre group from Belgrade, Yugoslavia. We have existed in various constellations since 1992.

'SPRING' is our seventh play and is inspired by Serbian national music, costume and dance. We have created our own visions of Serbia by combining traditional and urban culture.

'SPRING' presents Serbia the way we experience it, especially during the period when we were working on the performance. It was the spring of 1999 when Nato carried out their surrealistic bombardments over Serbia. We escaped to the tranquillity of the theatre, an old church situated in the heart of Belgrade. There we found time and inspiration to make 'SPRING'.

Our projects are always collaborations with musicians, artists, photographers, video artists, cartoonists etc. In the making of 'SPRING' we also involved historians, ethnologists etc. and other people with knowledge in Serbian folklore.

Ljudmila Stratimirovic,
artistic director The Hats Theatre
Pregrevica 74, 11000 Zemun
Beograd, Yugoslavia
tel/fax: +381-11-3164296
e-mail: strati@eunet.yu


"...Hats and swimming caps by this young Belgrade woman are a unique phenomenon on the loc al fashion scene. And not just fashion scene, since the presentation of Ljudmila Stratimirovic's fashion creations goes well beyond fashion shows which for the most part consist of an endless parade of more
or less attractive bodies.
With a little help of her friends, including the bands Masts and
Porno Cupboard, Ms. Stratimirovic has turned presentations of her hats in spaces such as the Bitef Theater and Rex Cinema into small
musical-theatrical spectacles which have been a real treat on the Belgrade alternative art scene in recent years. And, by the way, she also received the annual state award for the applied arts (ULUPUDS)". R. Kupres

"Active since the early '90s, a Belgrade artist Ljudmila
Stratimirovic has become one of the most original artists currently working on the local scene. From the very beginning, the focus of her interest was production of hats. In the series of hats she has produced so far she has steered away fiom commercial concerns and instead shown great attention to the shape of each individual hat as weIl as engaged in research of the forms and materials such as rubber etc.
>From the start, a particular feature of Ljudmila Stratimirovic's
work has been directing great attention and creative energy toward the presentation of her hats. Her shows have continuously pushed the limits of
a regular form of fashion show, by introducing theatrical elements, in making unusual choices for models, selection and presentation of music, etc. Gradually, her fashion shows have become a multi-layered multimedia form. In fact, more recently the hats have been used as a starting point for creation of a complex theatrical expression. This creative effort has led Ljudmila to establish her Theater of Hats. Inspiration, search, experiment, innovation and multimedia are the hallmarks of Ljudmila Stratimirovic's work". D. Puresevic

"...It was a truly "hatty" performance, an ode to the reveries under the burlap and rubber worn on the head. This cabaret-style playacting, where hats were constantly put on and taken off and even tossed back and forth, was ably assisted by a musical trio of Nikola Aleksandrov, violin, Nemanja Acimovic, drums, and Boris Mladenovic, guitar .
...The cast ofthe Theater of Hats, wearing bugs and fishes on their heads, included Ljudmila Stratimirovic, Aleksandra Stratimirovic, Tatjana Zakic, Tatjana Prokic, Zoja Borovcanin and Marija Tesic". A. Pekic

Our projects are a kind of contemporary spectacle, and are based upon a combination of all forms of stage and visual expressions which are relevant today: fashion, theatre (movement), rock&roll, comics, photography. . .As a theatre company we exist for a year, yet the same group of people works since 1993 on similar projects. We have also founded the " Hats Theatre " band, and our first song recorded reached the top of several radio and TV music charts in Belgrade.


-1991.graduated at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Yugoslavia
-member of Applied Art Artists Society since 1993.
-1994. recieved Annual Award for individual fashion performances by AAA Society.
-1999. recieved Higly commended diploma in fashion, textiles, jewellery and accessories category for the entry rubber hat, at 100% Rubber Design Competition 1999, London




stage design:
-"Bepi and Sep", directed by Dragana Joksimovic, performed at Faculty of Drama in Belgrade, 1990. -"About mices and people", directed by Dragana Loksimovic
-"Women's Day", short film directed by , 1991. godine

theatre group:
-1997.founded theatre group " Hats Theatre".

Since 1993. engaged in designing and making hats.AII collections were presented in a form of theatre performances as combination of theatre, rock and roll concert, fashion show...
-26.6.1993. in Students Cultural Center presentation of collection made out of sisal, corn hask, hemp string...
-26.12.1993. in Students Cultural Center presentation of winter collection made out of wool, linen...
-19.6.1994. in Bosko Buha Theatre presentation of collection made out of hemp, hemp string, jute...
-16.9.1994. in BitefTheatre as a part of "Aeroplana bez motora" festival presentation of all former performances.
-14.i Bitef Theatre presentation of spring collection made in hat factory "Begej" in Zrenjanin. Hats were made out of feit.
-16.2.1996. in Bitef Theatre performance and presentation of swimming caps made out of rubber in Tractor tire Factory "Record", Belgrade.
-20.9.1996. in Cinema REX as a part of "Alterimage", off program of Belgrade International Theatre Festival, performance and presentation of collection made out of jute and cellulose. Hats and dresses were made in cellulose Factory "Crvena Zvezda" in Mladenovac.
-29.8.1997. performance at the summer festival BELEF in Belgrade
-24.12.1997. in Cinema Rex, Belgrade, a premiere of the performance "Winter or dreams or traveI in all directions"
-11.3.1998. Underground Club, Belgrade, big "Hats Theater" party with hats and photos exhibition and concert of a Hats Theater band.
-28. 4. 1998. Underground Club, Belgrade, big "Hats Theater" party with Aleksandar Zograf comics exhibition, presenting
"A. Zograf Hat" designed by Ljudmila Stratimirovic and concert of a Hat Theatre band.
-6.8.1998. performing " Winter or dreams or traveI in all directions" on Trnfest, international summer festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
-12.8.1998. in Kopar, Slovenia, performing "Winter or dreams or traveI in all directions".
-4. and 5. 11. 1999. Premiere of performance " Spring or nightmare in Serbia"
-17.11.1999. Museum of Ethnology, hats and photos exhibition
- 2. 12.-20. 12. 1999. Slovenia tour, performances, concerts and hats exhibition in Ljubljana, Velenje, Prestranek; premiere of" Spring or night mare in Serbia"

other activities:
-exhibition of drawings in Omen club in Belgrade, 1992.
-exhibiting in several Applied Arts Artists Society exhibitions.
-exhibition of hats in "small AAAS Galery"in Belgrade 1995.
-exhibition of hats in SKUC Gallery in Ljubljana 1995.
-exhibition of paintings in DOB gallery , Belgrade 1998.

Torpedo Theatre Company presents:


..was founded in June 1997. It consists of two professional theatre directors, several professional actors and an authentic music division band. Until now this company staged several performances in several professional theatres in Belgrade. Some performances have represented or will represent Yugoslavia on various international theatre festivals in Europe.

During the seasons 1998/1999 and 1999/2000 Torpedo was very active . We participated at several theatre festivals and seminars in Yugoslavia and abroad including: On the Road for Dutch Mime (The Netherlands), Sibiu Theatre Festival (Romania), Theatre in the Suitcase (Bulgaria), Kastelfest (Republika Srpska), Comet (Hungary), Muczarnok Fesztival (Hungary). Torpedo also performed in Zurich (Switzerland) as well as in many Yugoslav cities (Novi Sad, Zrenjanin...).

Our latest production includes three performances: Overlapping, Ethno Circus and Animal Farm.

Directed by Anja Susa, Darijan Mihajlovic and Zanko Tomic

This production is the work of the TORPEDO Company. 'OVERLAPPING' is inspired by a newspaper article from the black chronicles of the best-selling Yugoslav newspaper. The story of a husband who murdered his wife with an axe after an argument is varied in 24 different theatre genres. Three continuously repeated senten- ces, uttered in five different languages makes up the only text of the performance. Seven actors take part in this
production and our scenery is one big white canvas that implies the extreme mobility of the production and convenience for travelling. Until now, this production has participated at BELEF (Belgrade Summer Festival) and BITEF (Belgrade International Theatre Festival).

"This performance, however, more than most performances produced lately, explores the very essence of theatre play.." - "Nasa Borba"

"The best recommendation for this performance is the audience ..." - "Dnevni telegraf"

"When you have a number of young authors, and inspiring exploration of styles and genres, and also smart and funny staging of numerous scenes, then it's clear that you saw a really great performance." - "Blic"

"It's so funny it makes you cry!" - "Demokratija"

Darijan Mihajlovic
Vojvode Stepe 106
11 000 Beograd
tel: +381-11-3972580
e-mail: daryan@eunet.yu


..was founded in march 1997. and started it's activity through live performances in Belgrade clubs. It got wider afirmation working within The Torpedo Theatre Company in whose performances (Overlapping, Animal Farm and Ethno Circus) it plays it's music live. From the very beginning the band creates under the influence of Balkan folk melodies, cabaret music and contemporary rhytms of western popular music (techno, drum'n'bass, trip~hop, etc.) uniting all these genres through specific sound marked by two vocals, guitar, accordion, fretted and fretless bass, sampling, electronic and acoustic drums and percussion.

Up to now (June 2000), as musical division of The Torpedo Theatre Company or as independent band , VROOOM has guested in Switzerland (Zurich), Slovenia (Ljubljana, Maribor,Vrhnika, Koper, Izola, Brezice), Bulgaria (Sofia, Burgas), Bosnia and Hercegovina (Banja Luka), Hungary (Budapest), Romania (Sibiu), Macedonia (Skopje , Bitola), as well as performing in Yugoslavia. In 1998 they opened the International alternative theatre festival in Novi Sad, Infant, with their musical performance Ethno Circus as well as opening the "Budva ~ Theatre City" theatre festival the same year. The group also took part in The Belgrade Summer Festival (Belef) in 1998 and in 1999 through concerts and performances of Ethno Curcus and The Animal Farm . The Animal Farm was also performed on Bitef theatre festival in 1998. As well as working within The Torpedo Theatre Company in the last two and a half yeares, VROOOM also worked with " institutional " theatres such as Dadov, Belgrade drama theatre, Bosko Buha, Subotica theatre, Theatre T, etc.).

February 1999 saw the release of the "Torpedo Music" album made in Torpedo's production. It contains mostly theatre music made from 1997 to 1999. Part of the music from this CD was used as the soundtrack for the
Torpedo film "Belgrade tourist guide 2000" which won The Belgrade gold medallion as the best short feature film in the year 2000. Currently the band is working on studio versions of pieces from their live repertoir which will be released in august 2000. VROOOM is also preparing the musical score for a Swiss-Serbian coproduction of a new theatre spectacle named "Schlacht am Kosovo" ("The Kosovo battle").

Marko Grubic
tel: +381-11-413078
e-mail: grubicm@eunet.yu


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