‘Relaxed athmosphere in former gunpowder-store’

Barutana is a wonderful former fortress where all the Dutch artists perform this friday evening and night. Outside between high walls at the foot of Kalemegdan, the theatre-group Boat performs under a beautiful sky with stars. Inside all the performances take place in a former store of gunpowder and other high risk materials. This rock-cut chamber was built in the middle of the seventeenth century, and forms a part of the Belgrade fortress walls. Barutana has a naked appearance, rough stone, earth, Roman sarcophagi and stele. All these set Barutana apart from the conventional urban ambiance and contribute to events by enriching the structure of its atmosphere. During the summer this place houses concerts, exhibitions, performances and theatre-plays.

The evening starts with the theatre play Boat.

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Directly afterwards Gerrie spits fire at Martin S. Past, who wears an old fire brigade suite. After this Martin shows a plate in Serbian to the crowd: Follow me, this woman is dangerous. It is a smart way to get everybody inside, where the rest of the program will take place.

Martin S.Past tells poems and jokes in Serbian and Dutch and afterwards 'liberated artist' Gert27 shows his film El Gato.




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DJ Niek LeBeat heats up the audience. The people start dancing and wandering around in different rooms. There is a very relaxed atmosphere and it looks like everybody comes here every week. The Vj-program shows fast moving and colorful pictures on a big screen and nine televisions. The colorful parspots on the Roman tombs and dancing people complete the very nice view in this old ammunition depot, where the party goes on till five in the morning.


Before it is The Super Dispensers turn.
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Slide-show Getver
It looks like the three photographers (Nancy Ostermann, Geertjan Cornelissen & Paul Beekhuis) are doing two things in Belgrade. On one hand they expose their photos in different places. Like at a techno-party, in a theatre between two performances or in an old ammunition depot. Paul is satisfied in the way they can show their photos on three different slide-projectors to the audience. And the audience likes to look at the slide-shows. In most places, people are watching at the show as if it is a film. Getver isn't restricted to one subject, style or presentation form. They show all kind of photos, from snapshots to documentary to highly professional prints. People can make-up their own story every time, because Getver shows their photos in different combinations and in different speeds. According to Geertjan they want to show a kind of comic. ,, We don't tell a story, but show different images. Getver is as superficial as a comic is. With our project we want to have the freedom to show all kind of pictures." So it seems that the people over here understand how to look at the slide-show. On the other hand Getver has a good opportunity in Belgrade to make new photos for their next projects. ,, It's amazing how easy it is to make photos of the people here. Most of them don't mind at all. We were even invited by workers of a steal factory to drink something with them, when we were making pictures there. And the same thing happened at a nursery school. Isn't that great? ," tells Nancy Ostermann.

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